'The Simpsons' aspect ratio problem will get fixed (again) on May 28th

Disney+ made the same mistake FXX made years earlier.


About five years ago, Fox launched Simpsons World as a streaming arm of its FXX network that would give the show’s fans a way to watch any episode they wanted. Unfortunately, it initially launched with cropped versions of old 4:3 episodes (intended to fill up widescreen HDTVs) that cut off a number of key visual gags. After a few months, they fixed the problem and all was well until last fall when Disney shifted The Simpsons over to Disney+, and did the same thing all over again.

They promised to correct the issue, and now, months later, executive producer Al Jean is back again to announce the fixed episodes are almost here. He tweeted that episodes from the show’s first 19+ seasons will be available for streaming in their original 4:3 format starting May 28th. Additionally, Disney+ is adding a short, The Longest Daycare, that will be available on May 29th. If only all of 2020’s big problems were so easily addressed.