Sony's budget WH-CH710N headphones are 35 percent off right now

They're the cheapest they've been since Prime Day last month.

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A person wearing Sony's WH-CH710N headphones.
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If you're looking for a solid pair of headphones with active noise cancellation that won't break the bank, it's hard to beat Sony's WH-CH710N. They're some of our favorite budget cans thanks to their comfortable fit, good ANC and relatively affordable price tag. While they normally cost $148, you can pick up a pair for only $98 right now at Amazon. That's 35 percent off their usual price and the cheapest we've seen them since Amazon Prime Day last month.

Buy Sony WH-CH710N at Amazon - $98

It goes without saying that the WH-CH710N don't have many of the advanced features that the new WH-1000XM5 have, but they still provide a ton of value and, most importantly, won't set you back nearly $400. They're nice-looking headphones that, while not the slickest, have comfortable ear cups and a swivel design. Sony's ANC on these headphones is pretty solid thanks to dual-sensor technology that picks up noises around you and automatically adjusts noise-cancellation levels to accommodate them. They also have an ambient sound mode, so you can activate that when you need to hear what's going on or have a conversation with someone.

The WH-CH710N's battery life is also a big selling point — they'll last up to 35 hours on a single charge, so depending on how much you use them on a daily basis, you'll get a few days of life out of them easily. Plus, they charge via USB-C, so you can use the included cable to power them up or one of the many you probably have laying around already.

The biggest gripe we have with the WH-CH710N is the overall sound quality. They have decent range and good clarity, but they lack the punchy bass that would go a long way to creating fuller sound. But that might not be a dealbreaker for you, especially when you consider all of the other solid features these headphones offer at a great price.

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Sony's budget WH-CH710N headphones are 35 percent off right now