Spotify's latest playlist tool creates a mix to match your workout

Answer a few questions, get playlist for your activity.


While most of us aren’t going to the gym right now, that doesn’t mean workouts have been suspended entirely. You still need fresh tunes to keep you motivated at home or on the running trail. To help with that, Spotify has a new tool called Soundtrack Your Workout — the company’s latest quiz-based playlist builder. Like previous options for creating a mix, you answer a few questions and the website will offer you a collection of music according to your preferences. And with this version, you can also choose podcasts instead or have the site make you a blend of both.

The feature will ask for the length of your workout, if explicit content is okay (since your kids are home until further notice), type of workout, workout partner(s), your “workout vibe” and preferred genres (can choose up to two). For an hour-long solo lifting session where I wanted to be “pumped up” with rock and metal, Spotify compiled a mix of more indie rock than metal. Artists like The Killers and Paramore are alongside Europe and Twisted Sister. When I submitted the same answers with just metal as the genre, I got some of the same, but with Tame Impala and Com Truise thrown in. Those are both artists I listen to often, but they’re definitely not metal.

Spotify says Soundtrack Your Workout will give you “new, fresh personalized playlist” every time you take the quiz. The company explains that users have created over a million workout-focused playlists in the last two months, and now it’s giving them a way to always have a new mix on hand.

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