Tesla ordered to recall 12,300 Model X EVs over a loose trim issue

Germany's motor vehicle regulator said the problem could cause trim pieces to fall off.


KBA, Germany’s motor vehicle regulator, has told Tesla to recall approximately 12,300 Model X vehicles worldwide over trim adhesive concerns. According to Roadshow, KBA said the molding could become loose and lead to parts of the trim falling off, which could cause a serious incident if it happens while the car’s in motion.

The issue impacts cars built between 2015 and 2016, according to the transit authority. Tesla announced a recall in November for more than 9,000 Model X cars in the US due to roof trim adhesive concerns. It’s unclear whether the two recalls center around the exact same problem.

It emerged earlier this month that Tesla will recall around 135,000 Model X and Model S EVs following pressure from the NHTSA. The recall, which starts at the end of next month, was announced due to an eMMC flash storage problem that could cause the touchscreen to fail.