The first 'Mandalorian' season three trailer reunites a favorite Star Wars family

No, not the Skywalkers.


With D23 underway this weekend, Disney had a lot to share with Star Wars fans. In all, the company debuted three trailers at the expo. First, there was a final look at Star Wars: Andor ahead of the show’s Disney+ premiere on September 21st. Then, we got to see Tales of the Jedi, a new animated anthology series that will begin streaming on October 23rd. But what you can here to see is the first trailer for season three of The Mandalorian.

The clip is the same one that was shown behind closed doors at Star Wars Celebration. Spoilers for season two of The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett follow.

After he left to train at Luke’s Jedi Temple, Grogu and Din (Pedro Pascal) are reunited and back to their usual hijinks, but Mando’s decision to take his helmet off at the end of season two has damaged his relationship with the Armorer and what’s left of his clan. The fact he also took the Darksaber from Moth Gideon is also a source of conflict between him and Bo-Katan (Katee Sackhoff). Based on the trailer, it looks like season three will tell a more focused story with fewer detours for Mando and Grogu to get into trouble.

The Mandalorian season three will arrive on Disney+ in 2023.