The Morning After
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The Morning After: IKEA and, er, Swedish House Mafia made a turntable

And actual furniture, too.

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Mat Smith
June 10, 2022 7:20 AM
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IKEA x Swedish House Mafia OBEGRÄNSAD record player

IKEA has partnered with electronic music giants Swedish House Mafia to release the new OBEGRÄNSAD ("unlimited" in Swedish) collection themed around music and creativity. The highlight so far is a surprisingly slick record player, which has Bluetooth speaker support and a minimalist design.

IKEA has form for intriguing tech-homeware collaborations, having already launched music and lighting products in collaboration with Teenage Engineering just a few years ago. (I still have their tiki cups – I don’t know why the collection included tiki cups…)

There's also some furniture in the new line, including a desk for music production, complete with two speaker stands and a pull-out shelf for MIDI keyboards and other controllers. Expect the collection to land this fall.

— Mat Smith

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