'Goat Simulator 3' is coming to PC, Xbox and PlayStation this fall

You can play a bunch of minigames with up to three of your buds or simply cause mayhem together.

Coffee Stain Studios

Publisher Coffee Stain is dipping its hooves back into the world of livestock-based chaos. Goat Simulator 3 was announced during Thursday's Summer Game Fest showcase. It's coming to Xbox, PlayStation and Epic Games Store this fall.

As fans of the series will expect, it's an open-world adventure game. You'll headbutt and lick anything and everything as you triple-jump across the island of San Angora, which is packed with fresh areas, challenges and events. There's four-player couch and online co-op. You'll be able to explore the island together and butt heads in seven minigames.

You'll be able to customize your goat with gear that enhances their abilities. You can kit them out with questionable fashion choices like tea trays and toilet rolls, or skip to the inevitable and slap a jetpack on their back.