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The second-gen Apple Pencil is back on sale for $79

It’s a great accessory for those who use older iPad Pro and iPad Air tablets.


The second-gen Apple Pencil stylus accessory is back on sale for $79, which is a discount of nearly 40 percent. That’s quite a deal, considering the usual price is around $130. Why Apple decided to charge well over $100 for magnetic pens in the first place is a whole other conversation, but at least there’s a sale for now.

This is nearly 40 percent off. 

$79 at Amazon

This is a fantastic accessory and perfect for several iPad models, but we have to address the elephant in the room. Apple’s stylus lineup is something of a confusing mess. The company makes four different Apple Pencils and it can be difficult to suss out the best one for your particular tablet. For instance, the new Pencil Pro is only compatible with the latest iPad Airs and iPad Pros.

Therefore, this second-gen Apple Pencil is not appropriate for the just-released tablets. This model is the one to get if you use an older iPad Pro or Air, as long as the design predates those with the front-facing cameras on the long edge. It’s also a good match for the current iPad mini. Finally, it’s likely that every Apple tablet moving forward will feature a redesign similar to the latest Air and Pro, so only buy this stylus if you aren’t planning on upgrading your tablet anytime soon.

If you meet the above criteria, however, the second-gen Apple Pencil is a comfortable and highly useful stylus. It features tilt and pressure sensitivity, magnetic charging, wireless pairing and a light form factor. It’s miles better than the average Amazon knockoff, with next to no lag. You’ll be drawing exquisite pizza slices and cats before you know it.

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