Twitter DM search now works the way you'd expect

You can find specific messages.

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Twitter DM search for specific messages

Twitter is expanding DM searches to help you find the exact conversation you're looking for. The social media app now lets you use the search bar in the DM inbox to find specific messages. Type in a keyword or name, pick the "Messages" tab and you'll see any relevant messages, including older ones.

The company didn't mention which platforms supported the feature (we've asked for comment). As of this writing, we could only search for people or groups on the web.

Twitter introduced DM searches in 2019, when they became available to iOS app users. The feature didn't come to Android until 2021, but Twitter delivered an upgraded version that allowed searches of your full history rather than just recent threads. The firm teased the ability to search message content later that year, but it clearly took longer to deliver the upgrade than anticipated. Still, this might be appreciated if you're trying to unearth a must-have restaurant or revisit a favorite discussion.

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Twitter DM search now works the way you'd expect