Yes, Twitter was down -- at least on the East Coast (updated)

If you can tweet, then you're among the lucky ones.

Berlin, Germany - 05 28 2016: Apple iPhone 6s screen with social media applications Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google, Youtube, Snapchat, Vimeo, LinkedIn, Pinterest, WhatsApp etc. (alexsl via Getty Images)

These days, fail whale sightings are few and far between, but Twitter appears to be suffering a serious outage at the moment. It's not down for everyone here at Engadget, but most of us can't tweet about what TV shows we're watching or who made a cameo in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

Twitter outage map
Down Detector

A map of reports on Down Detector indicates most of the people who can't tweet are in the Eastern time zone, but even people outside the US have reported problems starting at around 8 PM ET.

Update 8:30 PM ET: The service seems to be coming alive again, with fewer error messages and more bad tweets. Continue your Friday activities as previously scheduled.

Update 4/17 1PM ET: Twitter acknowledged reports that some people were still having problems on Saturday, and was "fixing an issue with [its] servers."