Twitter's Spaces Spark Program will pay creators to broadcast live audio

The company has also started rolling out Ticketed Spaces to Android.


Twitter has launched a new three-month accelerator program to help up-and-coming Spaces creators. Dubbed the Twitter Spaces Spark Program, the company says the initiative will provide audio hosts with financial, technical and marketing support. Those who get into the program can look forward to a $2,500 monthly stipend, monthly ad credits, early access to upcoming Twitter products and features, as well as support from the company’s social media channels.

The accelerator is currently only open to creators over the age of 18 who live in the US. Additionally, Twitter will only accept those with 5,000 or more active followers. There’s also an expectation those in the program will broadcast a minimum of two Spaces per week.

Following a limited iOS-only release in August, Twitter also announced today that it has started rolling out Ticketed Spaces to Android users in the US. The feature allows creators to charge for access to their live audio events.