Volocopter shows off its vision for a commuter drone taxi

It is designed to take four passengers up to 64 miles.


German aviation outfit Volocopter has shown off another concept craft, this time aimed at capturing the commuter market. The VoloConnect is intended to transport up to four passengers over distances of up to 64 miles, taking people “from the city to […] suburban areas.” In the release, the company says that the craft uses a hybrid lift and push design to electrically move bougie one percenters at speeds of up to 111 miles per hour.

The VoloConnect is designed with six electrical motors and rotors, with a pair of propulsive fans jutting out behind. The use of the VTOL concept certainly, if this thing ever reaches the real world, would help it navigate inside cities while covering longer distances in open ground. Florian Reuter, CEO Volocopter, says that the concept “embodies the next dimension of our mission to offer affordable, efficient and sustainable flight mobility for cities around the globe.”

Closer to reality, Volocopter late last year decided to open up reservations for its first commercial flights, wherever that may be. For €300, with a 10 percent deposit up-front, would-be passengers can book a 15 minute ride in whatever territory the company begins operating in. At present, that appears to be Singapore, with Volocopter pledging to start running a commercial service at some point in the next three years.