Multiplayer for 'Watch Dogs: Legion' arrives on March 9th

Hack the planet (or at least London) with three of your friends in co-op missions.


Ubisoft has revealed when you'll be able to roam around a virtual version of London with your friends in Watch Dogs: Legion. The delayed multiplayer mode arrives on March 9th.

You'll be able to explore with your buddies, take on challenges and encounter events throughout the city. There'll be co-op missions for up to four players.

The free update includes a four-player Tactical Op, which consists of five connected missions. Ubisoft says this is endgame content for players looking for a challenge, so it's probably best to make sure that you've recruited a high-quality team of characters and you have upgraded your gadgets before taking on the Leader of the Pack operation.

The multiplayer patch will also unlock the game's first player vs. player (PVP) mode called Spiderbot Arena. Four players will take control of armed spiderbots and duke it out in a deathmatch.

You'll earn experience, rank up and unlock rewards for completing online activities. More co-op missions, characters and PVE modes will arrive as part of free updates throughout the year.

There'll also be two additional single-player missions available for Watch Dogs: Legion season pass holders on March 9th. Those players will also receive the Bloodline story expansion, more playable characters and extra DedSec missions later this year.

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