It's an open question whether TUAW readers really care about the inside-baseball, schadenfreude-laden story of an expensive ad campaign for another technology company that left many in the audience scratching their heads, wondering "are these ads about nothing?" Most of you probably took passing note of the commercials and moved on to your game of Spore.

Nevertheless, the word tonight via Valleywag and Engadget, among other sources, that Microsoft will be dumping Jerry Seinfeld from its upcoming TV spots (and bringing in a John Hodgman look-alike to directly target Apple's "I'm a Mac" campaign) is making us think. Why lose the Sein? He brought a slightly cranky, slightly spacey vibe -- not a bad matchup for Bill Gates, when you come down to it. There must have been more to it than simply "people didn't like the ads..."

What's the deal with Jerry getting the shaft?
Last straw: got a Junior Mint stuck on Bill's furniture139 (4.8%)
Guy known for being Superman's pal just made Brainiac really uncomfortable82 (2.8%)
"Uh, Jerry, about the Macs on the set for every show..."1060 (36.4%)
Turns out, Seinfeld NOT "Master of His Active Directory Domain"282 (9.7%)
It's not you, it's me.531 (18.2%)
No Soup.NET 2.0 Professional Edition for you!243 (8.3%)
Selling operating systems is easy. Comedy is hard.576 (19.8%)

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