Join the Engadget HD Podcast live on Ustream at 5:30 pm

It's the Monday after CES, and the perfect time for a post-CES podcast to round up the crazy week. So we'll be returning to the recording booth for the first time in what feels like forever to record the Engadget HD podcast live via uStream at 5:30 pm. Embedded Ustream tools and a list of topics after the break.

Update: Now with Engadget Podcast Bingo!

Vizio CES hands-on with ultrawidescreen TV, passive 3DTV, OnLive and Android clock radios
Philips bringing ultrawidescreen TV, wireless Blu-ray player, apps and eventually Android TV to USA
JVC shows off prototype 50-inch 21:9 full HD 3D TV, says it could hit US later this year
Mitsubishi's 92- and 155-inch screens are bigger, biggest
InfiniTV 4 USB CableCARD tuner hands-on
Windows 7 Media Center embedded TV hands-on
Could this be the year we get to ditch the cable box?
Verizon intends to take its FiOS TV to every box, maybe even everywhere
Verizon Slingbox in the wild
Dish Network remote access app extends its long arm to Android tablets
Dish Network's Sling Receiver lives

The SlingPlayer coming to the Google TV
Verizon and Panasonic demo broadcast Full HD 3D at CES
Friday Night Fights on ESPN 3D will be the first to simplify co-production for 2D

Audiovox shows off the industry's first in-car Blu-ray player, the AVDBR1

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