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Must See HDTV this week: Bounty Hunters in Space edition
Must See HDTV (June 5th - 10th)
Verizon FiOS IMG 1.9 rollout to resume next week, with SD override and improved contrast
TiVo's retail plans for quad-tuner Premiere DVR revealed in FCC filing
TiVo Premiere multiroom streaming already enabled?
Roku 2 line passes through the FCC with modest hardware updates and a reset button
Roku 2 HD struts its stuff in the wild along with a new remote (Update: new comparison pics)
Netflix bringing instant streaming Latin America, global domination plan on track
Netflix Watch Instantly works in a new region: Puerto Rico
Star Trek TV series, X-Men cartoon are among Netflix Watch Instantly additions today
Amazon boosts Prime Instant Video streaming with more than 1,000 new TV shows, movies
Hulu Plus for Android is available now... for six devices
Hulu reportedly retains investment bankers and renews Fox deal, will go on sale soon
Potential Hulu deal with Disney increases ads, value to prospective buyers
Plasma coalition says sales are up over last year
Vizio extends its LCD HDTV sales lead; new 3D, VIA Plus and ultrawidescreen TVs are on the way
LG claims 4 out of 5 viewers prefer its 3D to Sony or Samsung, whips up some new ads
Samsung sews up 60 percent of the 3D TV market
Columbia House still exists, launches first Blu-ray specific club
Jurassic Park Trilogy comes to Blu-ray October 25th

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