Roku 2 HD struts its stuff in the wild along with a new remote (Update: new comparison pics)

Sure it already posed for the FCC's unflattering cameras, but now we can observe the Roku 2 HD -- with packed in MicroSD card and lightly refreshed remote -- in its natural habitat. Our tipster didn't indicate the provenance of this particular package but we'd previously heard they would start shipping to beta testers last week with an updated UI and this likely represents one of the lucky few delivered so far. The polished state of the hardware and packaging suggests the testing period is to work out any software kinks and (more likely) get in a few rounds of Angry Birds; until we hear something about more specific you can check out a few more of shots in the gallery.

Update: Another anonymous tipster has just sent over this picture of one of the new units next to a Roku XD that gives a good impression of how tiny the new units really are, and another showing the surround sound option. They also noted the new hardware shows improved picture quality, however at this stage the UI isn't different and there aren't any new games available yet.

[Thanks, Geraldine]