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Sony Music chief says Apple's streaming service arrives 'tomorrow'


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In case there was any doubt that Apple is unveiling its self-branded streaming music service at the Worldwide Developer Conference this week, one loose-lipped executive just let the cat out of the bag. Sony Music CEO Doug Morris told guests at the Midem Music Industry Festival that Apple's announcement of the Beats-based service is "happening tomorrow" (that is, at the WWDC keynote). He didn't confirm any rumors surrounding features or pricing, but he believed that Apple's offering would represent a "tipping point" where streaming hits the mainstream. However popular Spotify may be, it generally doesn't advertise because it's "never been profitable," Morris said -- Apple has both the cash to market its service and hundreds of millions of potential subscribers. Whether the exec is realistic or looking through rose-tinted glasses, you'll know the truth in a matter of hours.

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