Apple's new music service will reportedly cost $10 a month

Apple Hosts Annual Worldwide Developers Conference

Rumors that Apple is going to debut its retooled music offering at WWDC next week are nothing new. However, in a report by The Wall Street Journal comes word that the streaming service will be priced at $10 a month when it's announced in a matter of days. That would put the unlimited Beats Music/iTunes listening option right in line with Spotify, Rdio and Tidal in terms of pricing. Previous reports indicated that Apple thought Beats' price was too high, but it seems knocking a few dollars off of the monthly subscription may not be part of the strategy to lure new users.

What's more, that free tier we've heard about won't be and all-you-can-eat buffet like Spotify's. Instead, the folks in Cupertino will serve up ad-supported internet radio that's run by real DJs at no cost. And it seems Dr. Dre, Q-Tip and Drake are part of the talent Tim Cook & Co. plans to put on air as hosts. With a new option that's reportedly not unlike broadcast stations, Apple will take another stab at internet radio after its first foray didn't take off. WSJ also notes that the company has locked in licensing deals with Universal Music, Sony and Warner Bros -- three of the biggest labels in the industry. We'll have to wait to hear whether or not the subscription tier will provide exclusive content and releases like Tidal. If you'll recall, Taylor Swift, Florence and The Machine and others were rumored to be part of Apple's exclusive push. Either way, we should have all the details early next week.

[Image credit: Kim White/Getty Images]