1010music’s Razzmatazz is a delightfully pink and pocketable drum machine

The $399 groovebox is the latest addition to the Nanobox lineup.


The Lemondrop and Fireball Nanobox grooveboxes pack a lot of punch for their size, and 1010music is expanding the lineup with the Razzmatazz drum machine. The pocket-sized device packs in a 64-step sequencer and eight drum voices. Each of the voices has two FM oscillators and a WAV sample layer, which should enable you to blend organic, acoustic and digital elements to create unique drum sounds.

Filters, resonators, bit-crushers, delay, reverb and four types of distortion can help you produce distinct sounds too. But if you'd rather not go through all that trouble, you can opt to use the Razzmatazz's 120 preset kits and sequences instead.

You'll be able to put together tracks with the help of eight drum and percussion pads, which you can control via the two-inch touchscreen or a MIDI device. Using the Super Stepper visual sequencer, 1010music says beatmakers can tap or swipe to create rhythms and simultaneously see all eight pads across 16 steps. You'll be able to create lengthy drum sequences of up to 64 steps, each of which can last as long as eight bars. Along with the touchscreen, the groovebox has two knobs and four buttons.

The Razzmatazz is a proper sampler, since there's a line-in jack through which you can record audio. Alternatively, you can load WAV files onto the device using a microSD card. There's also a mode that enables you to play back loops or sample slices. However, there's unfortunately no option to slice up samples on the device, which is powered through a USB-C connector.

Best of all, the Razzmatazz fits in with the candy-colored Nanobox aesthetic. It comes in an eye-catching hot pink. You can pick up the groovebox from the 1010music website and other retailers for $399.

1010music Razzmatazz Nanobox drum machine