1Password will soon skip passwords in favor of passkeys

Starting this summer, you'll be able to unlock your account without a password or secret key.


1Password is going all-in on passkeys starting this summer, as the company announced today that its users would soon have the option of using passwordless logins. The move follows Google's and Apple’s passkey support starting last year.

Passkeys can replace passwords by providing unique digital keys stored locally on your device. They are much less susceptible to theft in the case of data breaches or phishing attempts and can integrate with your device’s biometric security — including fingerprints and facial logins. 1Password’s passkey support will be “built on the same security foundation” as secret keys, the long recovery codes platforms generate as a fallback sign-in option.

“All you’ll ever need to sign in to 1Password, unlock your vaults, and securely access your data is your one passkey,” the company said in a blog post. “More and more sites and services are adding passkey support every week, but whether you’re first in line to start using them, or you need to rely on passwords for a while longer, we’ve got you covered.”

“Unlike user-created passwords, passkeys are strong and unique by default. They’re generated and stored on your devices, and they’re never shared with our cloud service,” the company said. “Passkeys are also resistant to phishing, and they have a full 256 bits of entropy to prevent cracking — providing even more protection than our Secret Key. They’re safeguarded by biometrics and hardware-level security. And we’re building them to be portable between all your devices and platforms.”