The FragBook


Gaming laptops are supposed to be the new new thing right now, at least now that big boys like Dell has decided to start cramping the style of niche players like Alienware and Voodoo. You'd think that the market would be sorta reaching the saturation point — there's only so many people in the world willing to shell out four grand for a laptop just playing Half Life on it — but Falcon Systems thinks there's room for at least one more, and has just came out with a laptop version of their FragBox gaming desktop called the FragBook. They are doing a few things to differentiate themselves from the Alienwares of the world, and are offering the FragBook in any color you want — they'll custom paint your laptop with any automotive finish you'd like (including adding any sort of artwork or logo you'd like onto it) — and are throwing in a padded aluminum briefcase far carrying your laptop to LAN parties for free with every purchase. Anyway, they're offering the FragBook in two versions, the FragBook TL, which has a 15-inch LCD screen and the FragBook DR which features a 17-inch widescreen LCD.