MusicGremlin: feeding your MP3 player wireless downloads after midnight

Music Gremlin

So a company called MusicGremlin is working on software so that any MP3 player with built-in WiFi (all one of them right now) can wirelessly download songs from an online music store. We're all for adding WiFi to MP3 players but honestly, it sounds more like they're interested in giving the record industry what it wants rather than creating something consumers will like (there's no file sharing allowed, and if you sign up for their subscription service rather than their a la carte service all the music on your player disappears after you cancel your subscription). It probably won't matter what they do anyway because sooner or later Apple will probably put WiFi into the next iPod so that people can make those impulse purchases from the iTunes Music Store while they're on the go and that'll be what gets everyone all hot and bothered. Anyway, they're talking to a few different manufacturers about getting the MusicGremlin software on to players, but it probably won't be until really late this year or early next year that the first ones show up.

[Via MoCoNews]