New storage medium roundup


Inspired by the chicken protein discs, we present to you a roundup of other storage medium coming down the pipeline. First off we have NanoMagnetics, an English company that uses magnetized particles inserted into a ferritin (an animal protein) sphere and arranged in arrays. Flip the protein globes and you get your ones and zeros. Next up is Nanochip, which uses a microscopic probe to heat a piece of silicon to over 600 degrees C, which turns said silicon into a liquid, which in turn is read as a zero. In crystalline form it's a one. Not so sure about 600 degree temperatures inside a computer, though. Maybe that's just our current heat is bad mentality talking. Then there's ZettaCore, which has a complex molecule that can represent 4 bits of data through the retaining or release of 8 electrons, which gives each molecule a distinct voltage level. Last but not least there is Nantero which is making transistors out of carbon nanotubes. It uses electrical charge to bend a carbon nanotube suspended over a piece of carbon. When they touch, current flows and it registers as a one. When the tube is straight, nothing happens and so, a zero.