Bike-mounted smog sensors

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Katie Fehrenbacher
September 16, 2004 1:21 PM
Bike-mounted smog sensors image
Bike-mounted smog sensors image
smog sensor

We're not sure we really want to know the large degree of pollution we suck into our lungs everyday, or that unfortunately our bedroom window remains just over a bus stop causing our own imminent urban emphysema. Well we do, but we'll be forced to move to Alaska when we see the exact numbers. But that's what the British Urban Pollution Monitoring Project is testing out, bike-mounted smog sensors which monitor carbon-monoxide levels at locations throughout a city. To advertise and recruit bike-riding volunteers, the project places pollution sensors around the city which texts passersby explaining the pollution-level at their exact location. The project is a collaboration of environmental scientists at a range of universities and the group is looking to gain a manufacturing contract to make the pollution sensors.

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