Making time at the Holiday Spectacular! tech media event

Samsung cellphone

Last night Ryan and I hit peppy Pepcom's Holiday Spectacular! media event which had some vague Hawaiian theme that pretty much everyone attending immediately ignored upon arrival. But we won't waste your time blathering on about what the atmosphere was like; what you really want to hear about is what we saw there, right? Here are some highlights:

HP Bluetooth headphones

The people at the HP booth didn?t seem very happy about us snapping pics of these Bluetooth wireless stereo headphones that don?t officially exist and are for ?research purposes? only or something like that. So forget we mentioned it.


There aren?t that many original ideas in the cellphone biz, but Wildseed has one: swappable Smart Skins for handsets that load new wallpapers, games, and ringtones onto the phone when you pop it on. The phones have been available for a few months now (no major carriers have signed on yet) and they have a few different skins out already, but the new one to look out for (if you?re looking out, that is) one that comes with Mortal Kombat on it and comes bundled with a special game pad attachment.

RIM 7100t Treo 600

In case you wondering how RIM?s new BlackBerry 7100t compared to the Treo 600 and an older BlackBerry?

Casio EX-S100

We already knew that Casio?s new three megapixel EX-S100 digital camera was small, but you gotta actually hold it in your hand to really get it.

Motorola MPx

They still won?t commit to a release date (except to say that it?ll probably come out overseas first), but Motorola definitely improved the keyboard on their MPx Pocket PC Phone.

Sony Ericsson P910

Moto might be tinkering with the keyboard on the MPx, but Sony Ericsson appears to be ready to let loose their P910 smartphone, which is basically the P900 with the addition of mini QWERTY keyboard that folds out. Not exactly as easy to use as you?d like, but not as bad as we thought it?d be, either.

Sony Ericsson premini

Then again, the real surprise of the show was that as a teaser Sony Ericsson had one of their Japan-only cellphones, the SO213, aka the premini, aka the most absolutely miniscule cellphone we?ve seen.

Siemens S66

This photo didn?t turn out so well, but this is Siemens? new S66 1.3 megapixel cameraphone, which has a 65,000 color LCD screen, an RS-MMC memory card slot, and built-in Bluetooth. Should be out next month, but they wouldn?t say which carrier(s) will offer it.

ViewSonic WMG120

Like we said before, it?s not much to look at, but ViewSonic?s new WMG120 Wireless Media Gateway combines a wireless 802.11g router with 120GB of networkable storage.

ViewSonic 32-inch LCD

At the ViewSonic booth they were wireless streaming video from the WMG120 to ViewSonic?s new 32-inch LCD TV. (Please also note the presence of a lei, which proves that there was a Hawaiian theme.)