BlackBerry 7290, first Blackberry with Bluetooth

BlackBerry 7200 series

Don't ask us why it took them so long to get around to it in the first place (especially considering their target market of go go go business people), but Research In Motion just rolled out the first BlackBerry with Bluetooth. So the good news is that you'll be able to use the BlackBerry 7290 with a wireless Bluetooth headset, the bad news (at least for anyone here in the States) is that the only carrier who'll have it for now is O2, which'll offer it in Britain, Ireland, and Germany starting in November. They've also made a few other small improvements, like a brighter backlight and upping the amount of memory to 32MB.

UPDATE: Bad news become good news. Cingular will have this here in the US starting next month. [Thanks, Chris]