The Urballoon


You might be heading to Manhattan's Spectropolis festival this weekend for the Mary-Poppins (well, if she were a Valley programmer) meets Lite-Brite fun that will be, but Urballoon, a floating balloon equipped with WiFi and projector, stands to be just as dinner-theater showy through its user-submitted content which gets projected and lights up the ground space below the balloon at the entrance of City Hall Park. The balloon is tethered to the ground, floating three stories high, so you can be sure that the plug you're going to make for your blog (or whatever) will be nice and big for everyone to see. We're not sure if they'll be censoring the content (probably not), but if you have kid make sure to have your shield-hand ready for the array of explicit and hardcore content they're sure to receive within mere moments of the Urballoon going live. Gotta love the Internet.