Diet aid devices, slow torture to thinness


We know that the diet industry's got a stranglehold on a big percentage of our hard-earned dollars, so it's natural that they would start to get a tad creative. Popgadget has some deets on a few of the more unusual dieting gadgets, like, the Powerseed (pictured at right) a device that makes rhythmic beats to which you can time your bites and chews, and every once in a while prompts you to review your hunger feelings. Maybe this could help the eating-impaired but we're thinking we'll use the pod for Powerseed dinner parties, then friends and family can all munch to the same beat. There's also the DDS system, an uncomfortable merging of dental wear and a diet aid, and uses a custom-fitted retainer to reduce the amount of food the wearer can chew by 25% for every bite. Since we're sure that any pleasure gained from eating will have been completely trounced through this bulky retainer, we ask the question begging to be asked, why not just cut portions by 25%? No, that would be too easy.