IBM brings us Shopping Buddy smart carts


We can see the tagline now: "Ever want to live the shopping experience?" IBM has gone done created computerized shopping carts to allow for a more high-tech shopping experience, which, naturally, is exactly what we all need. More high tech everything. The Shopping Buddy, being tested in Stop & Shop grocery stores now, allows shoppers to e-mail a shopping list ahead of time and pull up that list upon arrival. The user is then presented with on-the-fly coupons, locations of items on the list, and suggestions for other products that may be of interest. You can even cruise the aisles with your shopping cart telling you where to find the low-carb mayo (or the Veganaise, as it were) as The Shopping Buddy will also allow you to customize your shopping experience around dietary needs. But what we're really hoping for is the addition of a chat client to talk up that hot housewife in the deli section. "Hey, nice provolone…ASL?" Just don't forget not to shop while hungry.