Engadget Podcast 017 - 11.26.2004

Engadget Podcast.17 11.26.2004

Represent Interweb. On today's show we talk about the free 128MB card you can score if you have a Treo 650, a pen that cost $10 million, how Sony gives in and does CF, weird eBay stuff, more TV activism, a super mash with Popeye, NPR on BitTorrent, the CBC on the same, as well as BBC Arts on this weird thing.

Host: Phillip Torrone.
Format: 58 minutes, 13MB, MP3.

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00:00 - Intro
03:15 - Treo 650, remember the memory issue? Free 128mb cards!
05:30 - The 10 million dollar bic pen, yikes.
11:45 - Bizarro world, Sony is introducing the Sony Microdrive.
15:55 - eBay, $125 Wal-Mart gift card goes for $127.51?
17:50 - Digital Signage in Retail, TV-B-Gone is looking better and better.
23:00 - More mashing, anime meets Popeye.
27:30 - NPR, file-sharing tool grows in popularity, the quiet resistance grows.
40:00 - CBC BitTorrent woes, whoops.
46:00 - BBC Arts, the culture show, thanks Adam! Props to Dawn and Drew! Torrent here.
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