Engadget Podcast 018 - 11.30.2004

Engadget Podcast.18 11.30.2004

Hosts: Lenn Pryor

and Phillip Torrone.

Format: 82 minutes, 19MB, MP3.

This show was recorded at Whistler Canada this week with a little static and Tylenol with codeine- on the show; Votes on PodcastAlley, Firefox is blowin' up, hopping on the HughTrain, Hope 5 Audio online, Froogle adds wish lists, Xeni on gadgets on NPR, iPod hack from Hadley Stern, Newspapers and TV demographics, and French films not being French enough.

Click here to listen to the show (MP3) or add the Engadget Podcast Feed to your Podcasting application and have the show delivered automatically. This show as created with iChat, LineIn, GarageBand and Audacity. There was a little static with some interference here in Canada and the show ran long, sorry about that.

We've added time codes in the following list and links to the stories or references.

00:00- Live from British Columbia, Whilster Canada.
05:00- Thanks for the votes, the cookie cheat.
09:55- FireFox, browsers wars, yay!
24:00- Hop on the hughtrain, deck chairs ahoy!
34:30- Hope 5 Audio online, Social Engineering clip is amazing.
37:00- Froogle adds wish list.
41:00- Xeni on gadgets, NPR.
58:00- iPod hack tip from Hadley Stern, wireless iPod!
62:00- Newpapers, ut oh, TV next?
70:00- French film, not French enough, Phil still hates Wal-Mart.