DVD Copy Control Association sues Kaleidescape for selling DVD jukeboxes

Kaleidescape DVD Jukebox

We always figured that somehow Kaleidescape, which makes those DVD jukeboxes we can't afford, was in the clear, but the DVD Copy Control Association is suing the company, saying that it's not legal for them to sell a home server which copies DVDs to a hard drive and then streams them around a home network. Kaleidescape says they're totally flabbergasted by the suit, and they'd been working with the DVD CCA for over a year to make sure that their products were 100% compliant with all the licenses and all that. The DVD CCA counters that while Kaleidescape did have a license to use CSS (Content Scramble System, the relatively weak copy protection used for DVDs), but that the license doesn't mean they can help people make copies of their DVDs (and it sounds like for them there are absolutely no circumstances in which it should be legal to copy a DVD).

[Via LiveDigitally, which has some on all this]