Day 4 of Engadget's Five Days of Holiday Giveaways: We have a winner!

N-Gage QD

We may be a bit late, but all the same we've got a winner for Thursday's prize! Thanks to everyone who submitted stories about their most embarassing gadget moments (even if most had something to do with pr0n or vibrators). But we have to admit that ChillyWilly's tale of an unfortunate situation that proves once and for all the usefulness of cellphones is our winner. But you may still want to check out some of the other great entries, like 16, 23, 43, 86, and 87, and stay tuned tomorrow when we'll announce the winner of the Orange SPV C500!

P.S. - There's still a little more time to enter our grand prize contest for a Voltaic Solar Backpack (which has built-in solar panels for charging up your gadgets). Check out our Engadget in Public contest for the deets—you have until high noon tomorrow, so make it happen!