Bang & Olufsen's BeoSound 2 MP3 player

BeoSound 2

You gotta respect the brazeness of Bang & Olufsen. Not only does their new $460 stainless steel BeoSound 2 MP3 player not come with any of those fancy extras like a built-in FM tuner or voice recording or, you know, a screen (money quote: "We've made BeoSound 2 so simple to operate that you don't even have to look at it while you're using it."), what's even more perversely decadent is that it doesn't actually come with any onboard storage either—you have to add it yourself via an SD card. We'd knock it, but it's almost like they're playing a joke on the rich debutante chicks who'll be getting these for their sweet sixteens.

P.S. - Anyone else notice how much the BeoSound looks like that mock-up for the iPod flash that was circulating a few weeks back?

[Via Sensory Impact]