Sirius Mel thinks Howard Stern will do Sirius video, Dallas Cowgirls come to celebrate

CES Mel Karmazan

So we checked out the Sirius press conference where they showed off the Xact ReGo, discussed Sirius Video, mention Howard Stern 30 times in 30 minutes, and had the Dallas Cowgirls storm the stage.The press room was packed to capacity, and the excitement at Sirius compared to XM is stunning. Sirius definitely wants you to think they're taking over the world, and that XM dropped the ball. Click to read on.

We asked Mel Karmazin (top), the new CEO of Sirius radio, if Howard Stern would be leveraging their newly annouced video formats (peep the video for more on this). Mel went on and on about Howard being a talent and entrepreneur, then basically admitted that he expected Howard to leverage it.

CES Sirius cowgirls

Karmazin seems like he is still getting up to speed on the company, though, but his focus makes it clear to us that he feels XM is, well, done for. Check out the complete video of Mel?s press conference. Mel went on to claim that Sirius will double in its subscriber size, and that they are growing much faster than ?the other company.? He also said that he thinks this will be bigger than most analysts and investors think?of course none of these should be looked at as forward looking statements. We know one thing for sure: 2005 is going to be huge for satellite radio, and the war has definitely begun.