Korean robovac attack @ CES

Hanool Robotics

Home appliances don't get much love at the Consumer Electronics Show, but we did stumble upon one isolated corner of the show dominated by Korean robotic vacuum cleaners from Hanool Robotics, Yujin Robotics, and Microrobot. No one seemed particularly interested in our suggestion that they have the bots duke it out in a battle royale.

Microrobot LARGO

The LARGO, Microrobot?s new ?wiping robot? (which sounds so, so, so wrong) which is less about vacuuming your floors and more about scrubbing and cleaning them. The most interesting part is that the LARGO can read special 2D barcodes embedded in your floors which let you program exactly where it cleans (we know it sounds like a lot of trouble to go to).

Hanool Robotics

The OTTORO robotic vacuum cleaner from Hanool Robotics. Unlike most every other robovac out there, the OTTORO has an attachment for hitting corners.

Clebo robotic vacuum?

You knew there had to be at least one Roomba clone. This one?s the iClebo Intelligent Cleaning Robot built by Yujin Robotics.