MyMo cellphone for kids pulled off the market


There hasn't been a massive epidemic of brain cancer—yet—but there's definitely been one casualty related to all those recent reports about cellphones being dangerous for children. British company Communic8 has opted not to face a future firestorm of public controversy, and is killing the MyMo, their line of cellphones aimed at children ages 4 to 8 (which is fine, since all the 5-year-olds we know use Treos, anyway). The move is in response to a report issued by Britain's National Radiological Board that concludes that even though there isn't much concrete evidence indicating that cellphone radiation is causing health problems, the risk of health problems remains and that children should be shielded from that risk. Besides, Communic8 can always move into selling things to children that are less controversial, like Happy Meals or bags filled with broken glass.

[Thanks, Matthew]