BusinessWeek offers tips on digicam image recovery

SanDisk flash memory cards

We're so worried about accidentally deleting pics from our digital camera's memory cards that we've dragged our laptop along on casual outings to do quick backups between shots, and have even contemplated buying one of those way overpriced Epson backup units. Turns out we're getting all hot and bothered over nothing. BusinessWeek looked at some of the top image-recovery tools, including software from Lexar and SanDisk, and found that they deliver the goods. The programs were able to find deleted pics, and were even able to recover images from cards that were reformatted. (Which all makes sense, given that data-recovery programs have been able to retrieve lost files from PCs for years.) BW also declares that your memory cards should be OK even if you accidentally run them through the wash; just let them dry for a few days before trying to retrieve the data. That's a relief. Now about that SD card we tossed in the trash compactor…

[Via PhotographyBlog]