Engadget investigates: Is it "iPod shuffles" or "iPods shuffle"?

iPod Shuffle

It took us a few days of harrassing Apple's PR department, but we were finally able to answer one of the most burning questions of the past seven days: Is it "iPod shuffles" or "iPods shuffle?" Here's a transcript of our conversation:

US: Thanks for calling us back. We have a really important question for you. How do you pluralize "iPod shuffle?"

APPLE: Like in a sentence?

US: Yeah, like would you say "iPod shuffles" or "iPods shuffle?"

APPLE: Huh. "iPod shuffles." It's "iPod shuffles."

US: Are you sure? Would you mind double-checking, because people do say "attorneys general" and not "attorney generals." We don't want to offend William Safire and write the wrong thing.

APPLE: Let me ask someone here. [Puts us on hold for a minute.] Yeah, it's "iPod shuffles."

US: Thanks!