PSP outsells the DS in Japan for the first time

PSP vs. DS

Nintendo is cleaning up on the software sales charts over there, but for the first time since their respective debuts Sony's PlayStation Portable has outsold the Nintendo DS in Japan, selling 64,600 consoles in the week ending January 16th vs. 53,500 for the DS (the Nintendo DS has still sold more overall, but then again, the figures for the PSP don't include exported consoles and it's not clear how many of those there are). The bitter truth fanboys on neither side want to admit: it's possible for each console to be a success, since this isn't a zero sum game (and from what we understand, in most places it is legal to purchase both consoles).

Update: Due to some contestibility of the facts on whether this is units shipped vs. units sold, we invite you to read the material we sourced this information from (which is less than specific).