Can't make it to the funeral? Phone it in with the Phone Angel

Phone Angel

What could further exemplify our society's sad continuing trend towards the obdurate and ultimately self-centered than the callous evasion of visiting a loved one's grave site by phoning it in? Or worse yet, the idea of burying your family with a cellphone device to facilitate this kind of behavior? Jürgen Bröther, the tasteless inventor of the Phone Angel thought it'd be a good idea to give the grieving a direct line to call which picks up and plays pack the sound of the grave soil in which it's buried—and to charge the emotionally distraught just under 2 large apiece for this. And what's worse, Bröther will even pay you a €50 "reward" for exhuming the device after the battery runs out in a year. Seriously, what can you even say to something like this?

[Via textually]