Play Tetris on a building in France using your cellphone

Pac Man on building

We do a lot of "because you can" pieces, but this one actually has some extra cool factor since it combines buildings and videogames. Project Blinkenlights has a new project called "Arcade" (their creativity may have stopped right before the naming phase) that allows lucky residents of France to play Tetris on the Bibliothèque nationale de France (at night, of course). By dialing +33 (1) 44 24 73 50, the building transforms into falling block paradise. Players use the 4, 5, and 6 buttons on their cellphones to play the game. But wait! Other games are available at different phone numbers, too. Try Pong at +33 (1) 44 24 73 51, Breakout at +33 (1) 44 24 73 52, or Pac-Man (pictured) at +33 (1) 44 24 73 53.