Noxon Audio Player offers WiFi music streaming

noxon audio

The Noxon Audio Player is the latest entrant to the increasingly crowded field of WiFi audio adapters. Like the Airport Express, EZ-Stream Wireless Audio Adapter and other similar units, the Noxon can stream audio from your PC to any stereo or speakers over your home network. The Noxon does have a couple of features that set it apart from some competing devices (though not higher-end ones like the Roku Soundbridge). It comes with its own remote, which lets you configure the unit as well as control your audio, and has an LCD display which can display song info and other data. It also has built-in software for PC-independent playback of Internet radio streams. It's got a street price of about $150, putting it in what could be a sweet spot between the Airport Express and the $200 Roku M500 (Mac and Linux users should note that Noxon's posted specs only list Windows support, but users report that it is compatible with all three operating systems).

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