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California school mandates RFID tags for students

RFID Tracking kids

A small-town school in California has become the latest to mandate that students wear RFID-based ID cards when on campus. According to Brittan Elementary School officials in Sutter, a rural farming community, the tags have been implemented to simplify attendance-taking and reduce vandalism. In addition to tracking students in classrooms, the school's principal wants them tracked in bathrooms and locker rooms. Parents and the ACLU have raised privacy and civil-liberties concerns. Some have also questioned the financial relationship between the school and the cards' manufacturer, which is paying the school to try out the cards and offering it commissions on future sales to other schools. However, the principal, Earnie Graham, has another explanation for student objections. "You know what it comes down to? I believe junior high students want to be stylish. This is not stylish," he said. Okay, guess they'll have to switch to implants, then.