Cellphone calls on Airbus, drunk dialing continues to know no bounds

Airbus A380

Airbus SAS announced Tuesday that their super-jumbo model jet, the A380, would have the option of voice and data systems to support passenger cellphones and laptops. The addition of this equipment may increase the time needed to certify the 21st century Spruce Moose that is the A380, also the service will become a revenue opportunity for the helpless air travel industry with international calling costing upwards of $2.00 per minute, according to the systems provider OnAir. Perhaps more important however are the social implications. Etiquette is a big part of cellphone usage, and knowing when to take a call, when to put your handset on vibrate, and when to just dump people to voicemail is critical. If airline passengers are able to use their cellphones in the next couple years, we had better learn to put off those 45 minute "So what are you doing?" calls.