Tetris Tower 3D threatens to consume all our (free) time

Tetris Tower 3D

Not that we would possibly have any reason to complain, but what's up with people making physical versions of our favorite classic games? Are they trying to shut down Engadget by rejuvenating obsessions with our favorite games of yesteryear? Because we might just break down altogether over this Connect-Four-like Tetris Tower 3D tabletop game (made by the very same people who gave us the Tetris and Street Fighter II standalones). As you may have guessed, it picks the next block, and you drop it down slots to its destination (we hope they're keyed to prevent Ls from becoming Js, and Ss becoming Zs)—whomever has more lines when you get to the top wins. (We were kind of wishing they'd figure out a way to make the lines disappear, though.) Now if you'll excuse us, we will be closing up shop early today.

[Via GadgetryBlog]