The Pocket Rocket USB flash drive

Pocket Rocket

Unless they're supersmall or have some sort of novelty value, there's usually not a whole lot to distinguish one USB flash drive from another these days, but Memina's just come out with The Pocket Rocket, a new line of high-capacity flash drives with a read speed of 18MB/s and superfast write speed of 15MB/s. It's not totally uncommon to see a flash drive with a faster read speed, but you hardly ever see one with a write speed that high, and when you're filling up a 1GB drive, that extra speed does make a difference. Comes in 512MB, 1GB, and 2GB versions, all of which come with a gold USB connectors and an attached rotating cap that you won't be able to lose. If 2GB isn't doing it for ya, there's also a 4GB model due out sometime around the middle of the year.