Sprint starts selling Sierra Wireless AirCard 580 laptop EV-DO card for EV-DO network they don't have yet

Sierra Wireless AirCard 580

Is Sprint getting ready to make a big announcement about EV-DO soon? Verizon's been rocking the EV-DO for months and months now, but apart from swearing up and down that they're going to get to it this year (like your deadbeat roommate who keeps promising to clean the bathroom), Sprint hasn't revealed much about plans for their own high-speed EV-DO wireless network (like pricing, coverage, initial launch cities, etc.). So why do we think this state of affairs is going to change soon? They've decided to start selling an EV-DO wireless laptop card (the AirCard 580 from Sierra Wireless, which Verizon also sells for use on its EV-DO network), despite the fact that anyone buying said card would not be able to take full advantage of its capabilities (the AirCard 580 is compatible with Sprint's slower 1xRTT data network in areas where they don't yet have EV-DO coverage; too bad that right now that just happens to be, uh, everywhere). The big CTIA wireless trade show starts in about a week and a half, that'd be the perfect time for Sprint to tell us they have a massive (and affordably priced) nationwide EV-DO network all set to go.