Turn your old PalmOS device into an LCD status display

PalmOrb LCD

We can never bring ourselves to part with old gadgets (unless they go to a good hacker home). Thanks to our pals at hackaday, we now know what the hell to do with that old Palm Visor: turn it into an LCD output device for a PC. PalmOrb is an open source project that converts your old PalmOS device into a status display controllable via an LCD driving program such as LCD4Linux or LCD smartie. Any device running PalmOS 2.0 or greater should work, so feel free to turn your dusty Handspring Visor, IBM WorkPad, or your about to be dead anyway Sony CLIE into a complete emulation of a Matrix Orbital LK204-25 LCD. Also note the PalmOrb developer is looking for someone to take over the project, so get on over there and send us a tip when you're done with the next rev.

[Via hackaday]